As certain of your body parts become larger, you will start to see messages about their weight. If they become too large, the weight will prevent you from Exploring until you remedy the situation.

The body parts that can cause this situation are: cock, balls, breasts, udder, and belly. Other parts will not immobilize you no matter how large they become.

Each part's weight is calculated by inches of size. If any one part is bigger in inches than your capacity can support, you will be immobilized. Capacity is calculated from the following stats:

  • Strength
    • 1 unit of capacity per stat point
  • CarryMod
    • 1 unit of capacity per mod point
  • Body Score
    • 2 units of capacity per point of body score
  • Height
    • Base capacity is calculated for a height of 60 inches (5 feet). If your height varies by a percentage above or below 60, your capacity varies by the same percentage.

A character with 20 strength and no perks has a base capacity of 20. If her height is 5'6", that is 110% of 5', and so her base capacity is also multiplied by 110%. Therefore her actual carrying capacity is 22.

Each part's weight is calculated separately. As long as no single type of part is too heavy for you, you will not be immobilized by combinations of parts.

Having multiple rows of breasts multiplies the weight you must support. Multiple cocks and multiple balls do not increase weight.

Breasts and udders full of milk can be shrunk by milking them. Balls full of cum can be shrunk by masturbating.

If you find yourself immobilized without any way to increase your capacity or shrink your parts, you can buy a Reducto from the shop. If you are unable to afford the item, you can use the Prostitute action to earn money.