Listed below are the various weapons found in the land of Nimin and their basic features.


Base Damage attacks apply the base damage determined your weapon (or lack-thereof) and a strength-based bonus, minus the defense of the enemy (Sensitivity). You can actually deal negative damage if your opponent's Sensitivity is low enough (i.e. Dust Devil, which has 0 Sensitivity)

$Base Damage + Strength / 2 - (100 - Enemy's Sensitivity) / 20$

Special Damage is is currently only possible with the Fellatio Rod. The resulting value not only damages the enemy, but heals the user and cannot be blocked.

$Mentality / 10 + Special Damage$


Weapons stay in the inventory once equipped so can be changed (unlike clothes) without additional cost. The only way to unequip a weapon is to move it out of your inventory (sell, move into stash, etc.).


When unarmed, you attack with your fists, punching the enemy.
Base damage: 1-10


A relatively cheap weapon, the dagger is a nice way to defend oneself in Nimin.
Base damage: 5-12
Can be purchased in: Softlik
Cost: 60 coins.


A rather blunt weapon, it's a bit unwieldy but gets the job done.
Base damage: 2-20
Can be purchased in: Firmshaft
Cost: 90 coins.

Tail Spike

This large spike is held firm upon leather straps. When attached to a tail, it can be used as a rather effective weapon.
Base damage: 10-20
Can be purchased in: Oviasis
Cost: 105 coins.

  • Requirement: Must have a muscular/skeletal tail (Felin, Cow, or Lizan to be specific).


A somewhat kinky weapon, the whip can leave some rather nasty welts.
Base damage: 12-18
Can be purchased in: Siz'Calit
Cost: 120 coins.


A well-designed blade, the saber can deal significant damage to foes.
Base damage: 10-25
Can be purchased in: Tieden
Cost: 165 coins.

Fellatio Rod

Borrowed from Silandrias, this rather phallic rod is actually a weapon. When the base is pointed at the target, you can siphon out some of their life force by placing your lips around the bulbous end of the rod and gently sucking. If you're very skilled, you can make the weapon perform even stronger. It even ignores their natural resistance to physical attacks.
Special Damage: 1-5
Can be received from: Silandrias