Treant's Tear

While exploring the valley, you step on something rather hard. Quickly lifting your foot, you find a small item sticking up out of the ground. With a tear-drop shape, it seems to be completely made of wood and rather old. Its surface is engraved with depictions of tree-like people losing their limbs and growing up towards the sun at the tip of the tear-drop.This might be of some use, so you pocket it.

Fragrant Flower

With all the flowers in this vibrant valley, one in particular seems to lure you in. The scent caught your nose from quite the distance, so delightfully fragrant, and yet its petals are merely black with white stripes, not nearly as colorful as the rest. However, the smell alone is worth holding on to, so you pick the flower and slip it into your bag.


The valley is just so bright and lively that… you feel like you could just rest here forever… In fact… you lie down in a bed of flowers and drift off to sleep…
You wake up some time later. You have no idea how long you were out at first, but the fact that some of the flowers have grown around you and a few bugs have taken up home is a bit disconcerting. You feel completely refreshed, though a little drowsy in some respects. You quickly jump up and head out of the valley before any more time passes and head back into town.Apparently you had been gone for a couple days…

  • Libido down and Health up
  • Due to days passing: Libido up, Hunger down