Treant S Tear


This small tear-shaped piece of wood looks almost like a seed. However, across its surface are etched images of tree-like beings losing their limbs as they dance around the tear, progressively larger and larger with the more limbs they have lost. It's like some sort of ancient ritual, one you have never heard of…


Exploring the Valley.


androgynous characters

You drop the small tear into your mouth, swallowing it easily with a quick gulp. You don't even feel it in your stomach; it doesn't seem to do anything at first.

However, a sensation of wilting envelopes your appendages, like they're growing weaker. The sensation coalesces into your crotch for an instance, but quickly dissolves. Then… that's it.

Seems whatever the tear was supposed to do didn't affect you. So much for that.

Note: This is a consumable item. Using the item will remove it from your inventory.

  • Removes genitalia
  • Increases height
  • Causes androgyny