Too Human Potion


This potion was made to help the humans of Softlik regain some of their human attributes.
However, this batch was apparently a failure for being too effective, somehow?


Buy from npc for 100 coins found by exploring Softlik after using a Skin Balm.


You drink down the potion. You immediately begin to feel very odd…

Your average hips begin to ache as you feel something grow from them within your pants. Not outward, however, but towards your backside. As your hands grasp them, you can feel your thickening pelvis split in two. Your firm rear moves away from your body as the second pelvis grows along your tailbone, your spine forming more vertebrae to extend further. You collapse to your knees while your ass tears through your pants, taking your crotch away from your original legs with it. Bumps form from the new pelvis as two new limbs begin to grow from the sides of your crotch, a second set of legs that touch down upon the ground, making you stumble as they grow longer and turn your rump and crotch upwards to face straight out, as though you were bending over. Your insides feel even stranger as many of your internal organs shift around, doubling or expanding down in between your two sets of legs. More ribs sprout from the lengthening spine, forming a second chest cavity that guards the organs.

It takes a few minutes before your body finishes growing its second set of legs and nearly a complete second body. A tauric body. You falter a bit as you try to stand on all 4 of your legs, your arms helping pick you up from the ground but waving for balance as your original torso teeters on top. It's a very strange sensation as your mind adjusts to account for a second set of legs, working them in unison until you can walk while your second belly swings between them. Though you do feel like you can hold up much more with this strong, broader frame, so that's a plus. On the other hand, your ass and genital region are much further away now, while your original crotch feels more like a neck to the second body, so that's going to take some getting used to…

All four feet relax themselves against the ground, level from toes to heels, standing plantigrade and sturdy. Not exactly fast and a bit awkward, but they can hold much more weight, especially considering your second half is as thin as the first and would have otherwise not been the best frame for carrying things across your extended back. You also feel some extra muscle control above your butt, around your tailbone, where it feels like you've got a tail, but there's nothing there to speak of yet.

For a normal human, having a second body would -technically- be more human than a human.
Though you can see why it was a failure…

Note: This is a consumable item. Using the item will remove it from your inventory.

  • Taur transformation