Strong Pheromone


Originally meant to be fishing bait, this concoction is much more potent than originally intended and attracts far more than fish for 30 hours…


  • The ability to create this potion requires unlocking the recipe:


Note: This is a consumable item. Using the item will remove it from your inventory.

You rub the strong-scented pheromones all over your body. It's so… powerful that even you feel a little rambunctious just wearing it. Others would probably find it much more enticing as well, strengthening their attraction to you.

  • +45 EnticeMod (Temporary)
  • +3 Libido (Temporary)
  • Adds 30 hours of effect. Additional doses extend the duration.
    • Wear-off: The scent of pheromones finally fades away, leaving you not so unexpectedly desireable to nearly everything.


Other then the influences on battle, this item is primarily used to initially encounter Silandrias and unlock the Den.