Squeaky Cheese


Some cheese found in an alley that kinda squeaks when you rub it, it smells quite delicious and would help restore your energy if you're hurt. Other than that, though, well… you did find it in an alley, after all.


This item can be randomly found when exploring Softlik.

You pass by an alley while exploring when a scent catches your nose. Savory and salty and strong, you sniff your way between the buildings down to some empty crates.
In one, there's a slice of perfectly good cheese. You pick it up and it's a bit dry on the outside, squeaking in your fingers as they rub over it. There's no dirt or mold or anything, looking quite edible and smelling quite tasty,. Since it was left out here like trash, there's no harm in taking it, so you do.


Note: This is a consumable item. Using the item will remove it from your inventory.

Nibbling the cheese, the delicious flavor melts in your mouth and feels so good going down. It feels good just eating it, like you could go hunting for lots more. Though… Hey, did your clothes get looser, or is it just your imagination?


  • Sells for 10 coins.
  • Stacks up to 15 per slot.