Softlik is home to the Human race. There's not much to do here, but there are some helpful items here, especially if you're playing a character that produces milk.


The trees grow much sparser opening up to rolling hills. Not far, you see tall buildings of wood and stone, with open streets of dirt and pebbles, nestled between the hills. Fur-less people move all about, busy doing odd jobs or having fun.

You have found the Human home-city of Softlik!


From here you can Explore the following locations:


Events are triggered when exploring the city itself vs. the alternate regions.


Prostitution is a useful method of gaining money quickly, and most events are described as a short erotica. Certain situations provide stat bonuses. In Softlik, there are ? possible outcomes:

  • (incomplete)


As in every town, there are shops you can visit. These shops are a General Store, a Tailor, a Dye shop, an Apothecary and a Salon.


This general store carries the following items:


Looking for a new hairstyle? The salon is the place to go. They are purely aesthetics, however, and do nothing for your stats.
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  • Wavy - 5 coins
  • Straight - 5 coins
  • Curly - 5 coins
  • Pigtail - 8 coins
  • Ponytail - 8 coins
  • Spiky - 18 coins
  • Afro - 20 coins
  • None - 0 coins


If you need clothes, the tailor is the place to go to. They sell various clothes here.


Dyes are the same price in all four cities and are similar to the salon; purely asthetics and do nothing for your stats.
Auburn Dye - 225 coins
Brown Dye - 90 coins
Grey Dye - 135 coins
White Dye - 300 coins


Tuft of Wolf Fur - 15 coins
Handful of Grain - 9 coins
Vial of Cum - 6 coins
Recipe Lust Draft - 60 coins
Recipe Superior Rejuvenation Potion - 120 coins
Recipe Masochism Potion - 135 coins
Recipe Baby Free potion - 120 coins