A fennec-like face matches the fuzzy ears above, which each seem to be larger than her head, and a hot blush seems to have washed across her cheeks that almost matches her auburn hair. Soft fur nearly covers her body, parted in front by the large belly-scales that plate across her chest and stomach, from her slightly elongated neck down to the tip of her tail. Supple draconic spikes peek out several inches along her spine, all the way down to the tip of her tail where they gently bend back and forth as her tail swishes from side to side anxiously. The clasp of her cloak manages to hide her otherwise naked breasts, a nice pair that matches her lithe frame, though with the way she fumbles to fondle herself she threatens to undo the clasp at any moment. Her lower bits are covered by a jeweled loin-cloth - a relatively scant outfit for the torrid weather.

Initial Encounter

A lonely and solitary creature, Silandrias is constantly in search for magic items. She can be fleetingly encountered in the Desert (if exploring from Oviasis) or in Oviasis itself. These fleeting glimpses can be changed dramatically if the player has applied Strong Pheromone on themselves or possesses one of the following magical items:

Magical Item

Silandrias is drawn to the aura of magic in your pack, barely even realizing you are attached to them until the last moment. She flies away in embarrassment.


Silandrias is unable to control herself due to the Pheromones and cums against your leg.

  • Lust increases by (LIB - MENT / 5)


Driven crazy by the pheromones, but able to regain some semblance of control thanks to her fascination with magical items, she invites you to visit her home. Warning: If you say no, you will never encounter her again.

If you accept, you will henceforth have the option to explore the Den from Oviasis; you will also have the opportunity to do some serious naughty business. After this first encounter, you will not see her wandering the Desert and will instead have an increased chance to encounter the Dust Devil.

Gettin' Busy

  • If you have a cock, you will trigger her egg-laying process and have Lust reduced by (SENS * 2).
  • If you have a deep enough vagina, you have the chance to become pregnant with your dominant race.
  • If you are not deep enough, or are neuter, you will simply have some fun.


Home to Silandrias, the Den is explorable only after she invites you there during an interaction with her in either Oviasis' Bazaar or in the Desert (see above for more details). If you do not already have the Leather Strap you'll have a 25% chance to encounter it; otherwise, you're guaranteed to meet your most gracious host.


As you get to know Silandrias and help her build a family, she reveals more about her people and her past. In order to get to this point, however, you need to develop her egg production capabilities. The various options all have some influence, which for simplicity we'll refer to as "EggP".

  • Fuck
    • If producing eggs, this will improve her clutch by Cum Amount / 50 (up to 100 EggP)
    • If not producing eggs, she will be now!
    • Lust reduced by (SENS * 2)
  • Be Fucked
    • Req: Must have a deep enough vagina; requirements increase in relation to EggP.
    • Chance to become pregnant with a child of your dominant race.
    • Lust reduced by (SENS * 2)
  • Tie / Untie Tail
    • Req: Needs Leather Strap from her caves.
    • When tied, eggs are redirected to her vagina instead of her tail.
    • This can influence how fast she progresses through pregnancy as well (see below).
  • Eggcelerator
    • Req: Need to have item & she needs to be visibly with-egg (>30 EggP)
    • Increases egg production (see below)
  • Cuddle
    • This helps her develop socialization and prepare for her future family
      • EggP +10 during 1st through 4th Clutch
      • EggP +20 during the 5th Clutch

Egg Laying

Silandrias will (with your assistance) lay five clutches of eggs.

  • 1st Clutch - triggered at EggP > 150
    • 20 SexP earned.
  • 2nd Clutch - triggered at EggP > 240
    • 35 SexP earned.
  • 3nd Clutch - triggered at EggP > 360
    • 50 SexP earned.
  • 4th Clutch - triggered at EggP > 550
    • 75 SexP earned.
  • 5th Clutch - triggered at EggP > 10,000 or 15 days (360 hours) after egg-laying was triggered.
    • 50 SexP + EggP/100 earned.


Besides the direct additions from cum and cuddling mentioned above, the amount of Eggcelerators she's been given, whether her tail is tied, game time, and activity all work together to increase her EggP:

  • Each time an action is complete (i.e. when you return to town) the following equation is triggered:
    • $EggP = EggP + Hours + 2 * EggceleratorBonus$
    • If her tail is not tied with the Leather Strap and this isn't her 5th clutch, she loses (Time + EggceleratorBonus). This will not drop her below below 30 EggP.
    • This means without the Leather Strap, time and half the influence of Eggcelerators is removed. If your goal is a huge 5th clutch, this actually works to your advantage, giving you time to pile on the Eggcelerators during her other clutches.

Borrowed Magic

Once she has laid her final clutch, Silandrias will allow you to borrow one of the magical items in her collection. You are only able to possess one of these at a time:

Oviasis Market

While exploring Oviasis, you will continue to encounter Silandrias as she browses the market. If you notice she is missing, this is a sure sign that she is about ready to lay eggs.

Art & Origin

Silandrias was inspired by a character created by SumigakiFox, a member of Furaffinity, in thanks for contributing a laptop to the production of the game. Doing a little exploring, I managed to find the source material - though I really don't see much dragon (or man-bits) in either of the pictures… still, if you have a hard time visualizing some of the events, this may help!

1291607801.sumigakifox_bustymilkfennegoninked01.png 1292121745.deonwolf_140.jpg
Milk Me? - by SumigakiFox

"Busty Fennec Bird Dragon needing a bit of a milking before a flight? Or maybe she just wants to look cute… not sure."
SumigakiFox - by DeonWolf

"commission for SumigakiFox of the sweet and sexy dragon/bird/fennec hybrid going through her 1st of 14 months of pregnancy.