Reindeer Charm


Borrowed from Silandrias, this sapphire charm is carved into the shape of a reindeer's head, with large antlers. Carrying it imbues you with the essence of a reindeer mother, providing you with a nice set of antlers and a matching deer-butt, as well as speeding up your pregnancies and increasing your minimum lust, urging you to give birth to plenty of children.


Given to you by Silandrias once you have destroyed any chance for her to expand her collection of magical items further.

She will not give you this item if you are already borrowing one of the other four items that are in her collection.


Note: This is a held item. Its influence is felt on your character as long as it is in your inventory (vs. your stash or back with Silandrias where it belongs).

  • +0.5 PregRate
  • +10 MinLust
  • +10 Hips
  • Influences Character Appearance:
    • "Large, multi-pointed, slightly fuzzy antlers grow out from atop your head, feeling slightly heavy but perfectly melded to your skull so you can easily lift them."
    • Your butt also looks a bit tighter for its size with the skin around it a lighter color than the rest, acting like a bullseye to your nethers. Below, the bone structure of your legs is also fairly lithe, causing you to step with a graceful swagger and wave your hips erotically with every footfall."