This page is a STUB and will be until someone removes this line ;)

Primarily a method to get some money and naughty scenes at the same time, these encounters can still influence your character (i.e. Pregnancy, Character Statistics, etc.) so most people use it with extreme caution. This page is meant to break down the encounters and chances so you can plan for the consequences (or avoid them by utilizing a different town).

Success Rate

On occasion, you will be unsuccessful in attracting an encounter - this is based entirely on your enticemod. You have a [25 - enticeMod] chance of failure.

Though all you really lose is time, a splash of Body Oil, a serving of Charmed Egg, a splash of Pheromone or the right Clothing should help your chances.


Much like exploration, the game generates a random number from 1-100 and then gives you an encounter based on the number. However, unlike in exploration, there are a lot of gender-specific interactions, often resulting in disqualification for an event.

This *usually* results in an increased chance to trigger the next event on the list (as it checks for ≤ 20, then ≤ 40, etc.). There is coding in the game that, if no event is triggered it rolls another number and tries again and I *think* it was intended that the chances were always even… but that's not currently how the code functions.

I've tried to indicate the actual chances as best I can in the charts below…


Your reward is calculated as [1-5 + Mentality / 5 + Libido / 5] coins. So the max you could possibly earn is 45.


Male Female Herm Neuter Desc
20% 20% 20% 20% Three Men
20% 20% Nervous Man
20% 20% Blonde Woman
20% 60% 20% 60% Young Farmhand
20% 20% 20% 20% Dark Alley Rogue


Caution: Some of these encounters can influence your Racial Affinity or make your character Pregnant. See notes below.

Male Female Herm Neuter Desc Notes
25% 33% 25% 100% Big Local Male Affinity Change
33% Angry-looking Woman
* 33% 50% * Nervous Male Affinity Change
Pregnancy Chance
75% 25% Horny Woman

* If Breast Size > 24 (described as 12 inches) you can also trigger this encounter. Qualifying for this event as a Male/Neuter can significantly change the chances of other encounters.


Caution: Some of these encounters can make your character Pregnant. See notes below.

Male Female Herm Neuter Desc Notes
25% 25% Former Felin Female
25% 50% 25% 50% Priestly Ritual Pregnancy Chance