Triggering Pregnancy

There are a number of ways to get yourself pregnant. Most are pretty obvious, though I was actually surprised at the number of encounters that *don't* make you pregnant. I'll give a quick overview here - for the specifics on how to become pregnant, look at the linked pages. For specifics on the aftermath look at the Race Specifics section below.

Note: "Dominant" means your current dominant race, based on highest Affinity score. Getting pregnant with Silandrias is the only known way for you to become pregnant with mice, pig, skunk children or bird and bug eggs.

Pregnancy Calculations

With few exceptions, these 'triggers' won't guarantee pregnancy - they will run a string of calculations to determine whether you will become pregnant, and if so how many. The ones that circumvent these calculations have an asterisk above.

Pregnancy Chance

First, it is important to note that for every vagina that you have, each one can become pregnant! As such, simply checking every vagina for a 'vacancy' is a process in and of itself! If an available location is found:

$PregChance = 70\% + pregChanceMod + BabyFreeMod$

Fertility Multiplier

If you manage to get pregnant, this is the next step. This calculates a multiplier that will be used to determine the length of your pregnancy and how many children you give birth to. You could say it's a measure of how many eggs were fertilized.

The initial value of "n" is 0. The game picks a number from 1 to 100 (MultiplierChance) and then runs the equation below. Each time it succeeds, "n" increases by 1. The final value of "n" is the Fertility Multiplier used to calculate Pregnancy Goal (or length) and number of children during birth below.

$MultiplierChance < -4n^2 - 4n + 10 + ExtraPregChance$

Pregnancy Goal

Once the Fertility Multiplier is calculated, the game determines a Pregnancy Goal. This is basically a measure of how big your belly will get before you will give birth. This can actually be rather problematic if you have multiple pregnancies, as you can quickly become too pregnant to move.

The value is calculated at the beginning of your pregnancy, but the equation differs by race. As such, I've decided to consolidate that information in the Race Specifics section below.

During Pregnancy

As time passes within the game, your pregnancy will slowly progress. You'll get more pregnant, which will influence your physical appearance, attributes, and encounters. We'll call the value that tracks your individual pregnancies as Pregnancy Points.

Pregnancy Points

Pregnancy Points are typically a measure of hours. For most pregnancies, this value starts at 0 and slowly increases, others actually start with a value, but typically have a higher-than-normal Pregnancy Goal to complicate things for you. Either way, as you do something in the game…

$PregPoints = PregPoints + Time * PregRate$

… and …

$PregTime = PregPoints_1 + PregPoints_2 + ...etc.$

(depends on how many active pregnancies you have…)

Pregnancy Rate

This is a multiplier that will allow your pregnancies to progress faster. The default value is 1 and the only ways to modify this value in-game is temporarily:

Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy Time tracks your overall pregnancy level. As your pregnancy progresses, your body will change (much like it would in real life) and influence other factors for your character as well.

Pregnancy Status

The changes to your body itself are tracked by Pregnancy Status which is a function of Pregnancy Time (see chart below). Please note that the breast and lactation changes caused by Pregnancy Status are permanent.

PregStatus PregTime Lact Boob
1 80 - 140 +1 +1
2 140 - 210 +1 +2
3 ≥ 210 +2 +1


Each time you sleep, you'll be able to see a message based on your current Pregnancy Time. If you need some idea of where you are at, pay attention to these.

Other Influences

There are other factors that Pregnancy Time can influence, particularly your appearance and how much effort is required to carry your growing belly.


Giving birth is a blessed time - especially if you've been held immobile for a few days because your strength or body score wasn't up to snuff! Other then a lighter belly, you'll either get an addition to your Day Care or possibly an item - find out more in the Race Specifics section below.

A pregnancy comes to term when…

$PregPoints + Time * PregRate > PregGoal + PregTimeMod$

Note: Pregnancy doesn't go away if you remove your vagina(s) - when a pregnancy comes to term, if you have more pregnancies then vaginas, you will gain a vagina.

PregTimeMod Note: There is apparently no way to change PregTimeMod in-game. A positive value would increase the length of all pregnancies, negative would reduce the length of all pregnancies.


Just as the game states, there really isn't much you can do here. However, each time you visit you'll have a 20% chance to hatch 3-7 of your Fertilized Lizan Eggs.

Racial Specifics

Work in progress here… forgive the mess.