Oviasis is home to the Lizan race.


An oasis somewhere within the desert, hidden within a ring of tall rock formations and mountains, you can see the water sparkle from here and the palm trees sway lazily around it. And all along the rocks, built into caves and sprawled across the beaches, reptillian people have made there home here, relaxing and enjoying their gorgeous habitat.

You have now entered the Lizan home-city of Oviasis!


From here you can Explore the following locations:


Triggered when exploring the city itself vs. the alternate regions.

  • (incomplete)


Prostitution is a useful method of gaining money quickly, and most events are described as a short erotica. Certain situations provide stat bonuses. In Oviasis, there are ? possible outcomes:

  • (incomplete)


As in every town, there are three shops you can visit. These shops are a General Store, a Tailor, and a Salon.


This general store carries the following items:


Looking for a new hairstyle? The salon is the place to go. They are purely ascetics, however, and do nothing for your stats.
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  • Pigtail - 5c
  • Ponytail - 5c
  • Straight - 5c
  • B Pigtail - 8c
  • B Ponytail - 15c
  • Braided - 10c
  • Spiky - 18c
  • None - 0c


If you need clothes, the tailor is the place to go to. They sell various clothes here.