Old Cave

Can be explored from Firmshaft.

Known possible events:
"Too Dark To See"
Red Mushroom
Wonderland Cake
Wonderland Drink

"Too Dark"
Increased libido, decreased mentality
Red Mushroom
Body part growth:

  • Breasts grow 1 unit (approx .5in) regardless of gender.

Wonderland Cake
Gain 2 inches in height, upper limit unknown.
Wonderland Drink
Lose 2 inches, lower limit 3 inches high.

There is actually an entire city (under development) beneath the cave. To get to it, you need the lantern from the statue in the valley. How to get to the valley is not exactly known, but can be done by just exploring the jungle a lot (and possibly anywhere else on the overworld).

In the valley, there is a sexy statue. Use a 'cock carv' on it's vagina or "lick" the statues ear and it will open a tunnel entrance 'full of static' because it has not been programmed in yet. Take the lantern anyway and go back to the cave outside firmshaft.

With the lantern in hand, the 'too dark' scene is replaced with a scene where you find a stairway. Follow it and beat the massively overpowered minotaur (the writer of this section used a shared object editor to level himself up by editing the saved game) and move on through two more challenges, one from a creepy girl with a demonic teddy and a succubus.

The succubus will let you into the city, known as 'sanctuary', where there is not much yet, but it is worth looking at because the store there contains an item that will allow you to carry more weight without gaining strength and the tailor also has a similar item, but one that fills a clothing slot.

To the maintainers of this wiki: this is 100% truth. I have uploaded my save game to:

To load it, use the 'load from file' option on the loading screen (from nimin 0.97k). I have an item in 'bag 1' labeled 'TS Sanct'. Use it.