Malon's Pendant


Given to you by Malon from the Dairy Farm, this gift of admiration seems to have been a keepsake of hers since she was a child and has imbued by her long-time love of animals and rather bovine qualities. As long as you hold onto it, everything is a bit more consensual towards being 'raped', be a bit more lenient to you running away. and all milk products heal you slightly more than usual.
Warning: You cannot regain this item should you lose it.


Left by Malon once you accept her cow-like qualities (your relationship moves from Positive to Comfortable).


Note: This is a held item. Its influence is felt on your character as long as it is in your inventory (vs. your stash).

This item can be upgraded to Malon's Milky Pendant after a scene triggered after going to daily farm after hold more than 500 liters of milk in your breasts.

milky pendant alow to your breast NEVER dry up