A beautiful young woman, with an exceptionally well-endowed figure and long, flowing red hair, she wears a yellow shirt and long purple skirt with a brown apron around her waist and yellow shawl around her shoulders. However, the shawl seems fairly wet and she's careful to drape its ends over breasts larger than watermelons, trying to hide the large blotches on her shirt with it and keeping it at the ready to use at any moment. Her ears are also quite long, hanging perpendicular from her head, nearly 5 inches, and droop a little. Behind her you see a long, narrow tail, tipped with a tuft of long hairs, swish about her calves with each step.

Possibly a reference to the red-headed farm girl in Legend of Zelda, this particular woman has consumed a number of DairE Pills and has thus become part Cow.

Encounter Types

Every time you explore the Dairy Farm, you have a percentage chance to encounter Malon in various situations. In the information below:

  • Barn Encounters refer when you hear farm machinery running and have the option to investigate.
  • Work Encounters refers to when you see her working. If you meet certain conditions, Malon will stop working and approach you. If not, you simply get a glimpse of her.
  • Note: To determine the actual values (i.e. stat increases, rewards, etc.), view the appropriate Relationship Level.


There are actually a number of steps to the decision matrix, but the basic chances boil down to this:

Relationship Barn Work Work Encounter Reqs.
Negative 6% 19% N/A — Glimpse
Neutral 6% 19% Engorgement Lvl 1+ & Lactation 4+
Positive 9% 26% Engorgement Lvl 1+
Insecure 9% 26% N/A — Glimpse
Comfortable 9% 26% Engorgement Lvl 1+
Intimate 17.5% 17.5% N/A — Intimate

Note: Engorgement / Lactation requirements can be met with Breasts, Udders, or both.

Child Birth

If Malon's pregnancy is due (9 days after successful mating), you have a 100% chance to trigger this event when exploring the Dairy Farm.
See the Pregnancy tab for more information.

Barn Encounter

Having avoided any farmers, you approach one of the barns. Your ears perk up as you hear something inside. A machine sounds like its pumping, yet you can see no signs of cows nearby or the farmers that take care of them.

  • What do you do?"
    • Inspect
      • Continue below…
    • Leave
      • Nothing.

You see a young woman milking, her enormous breasts with the equipment. Gushes of milk flow through the milker's hoses with each pump, her giant breasts being drained…

  • What now?
    • Interrupt
      • You make Malon aware of your presence.
    • Assist
      • You help to milk Malon.
    • Fuck
      • You startle her with a sexual encounter.
      • Note: Button is labeled "Rape" if relationship with Malon is Neutral or less.
      • Note: Results vary widely based on Relationship and your Anatomy.
    • Leave
      • Nothing.


The chances to encounter Malon while she is working is actually rather high — especially if you include the glimpse you get when offered a DairE Pill sample, however, the one we are concerned with here is the one that can, if you meet the requirements, lead to an interactive encounter. Basically, the requirements are two-fold:

  • Relationship
    • Negative and Insecure
    • Neutral, Positive, or Comfortable
      • You have the chance to trigger a Milking Encounter if you meet the milk production requirements below … if not, you simply get a glimpse.
    • Intimate
    • You are guaranteed an Intimate Encounter.

Milking Encounter

Triggered if you meet the requirements (see above), Malon notices your excessive lactation and, perhaps sensing a kindred spirit, offers to help milk you. If you refuse, she is not offended and simply goes back to work.

If you accept, the thread of events diverge based on relationship. Instead of trying to jumble it all together, this information can be found in the associated relationship section (see below).

Note: How quickly you take off your shirt is ratio between Mentality & Libido.


If you don't meet the requirements for a Milking Encounter or Intimate Encounter, you'll see her hard at work… at least until her breasts start leaking and she slips away to resolve the issue.


Your relations with Malon can evolve over time. This section is meant to break down the options available for each relationship juncture and allow you manipulate… erm… evolve the relationship further.


This is the default relationship when you meet Malon for the first time.

Milk Encounter (work)
If you have significant Lactation and your breasts or udders are Engorged you will be able to trigger this event, otherwise you will simply get a glimpse of her working.

If you accept, Malon will help to milk your breasts until her own breasts start to leak milk. She then begins to milk herself as well as you. Some of the text can be influenced by how much milk you are producing, but otherwise the results are the same:

Interrupt (barn)
When you interrupt Malon, she becomes nervous at the presence of a stranger and begs you to not tell any of the other workers.

  • Tell: Malon runs away crying.
    • Relationship Change to Negative
    • Stats:
      • –3 Mentality
  • Don't: Malon is grateful a gives you some of her milk.
    • Relationship Change to Positive
    • Get Malon's Milk
    • Stats:
      • +1 Mentality
      • +20 SexP

Assist (barn)
Though startled by your actions, she is grateful for your assistance and gives you some of her milk as thanks.

  • Relationship Change to Positive
  • Get Malon's Milk
  • Stats:
    • +1 Strength
    • +2 Mentality
    • +1 Libido
    • +2 Sensitivity
    • +20 SexP

Rape (barn)
You catch Malon unawares as you dive for her pussy! If your cock manages to enter her, she holds a grudge. Otherwise, she is primarily startled by her own response. See the section below for a breakdown on size.

  • Normal
    • Relationship Change to Negative
  • Too Big
    • Stats:
      • –3 Mentality
      • +2 Libido
      • +5 SexP
      • +30 Lust
  • No Cock
    • Stats:
      • –1 Mentality
      • +1 Libido
      • +[Libido – Mentality] Lust


Normally not a significant factor in encounters, with Malon her reaction is much more negative if you . Later it'll determine whether she can get pregnant from her encounters with you.