This page lists the various locations in the game and links to the more detailed pages:


These act as starting locations for each race and are the main hubs of the game. Each provides shops and various *ahem* opportunities.

Linking Areas:

Areas that, when explored, can lead to another town. These regions often have aggressive NPCs and other random events:

  • Savanna (path between Siz'Calit and Firmshaft)
  • Jungle (path between Tieden and Siz'Calit)
  • Plains (path between Firmshaft and Softlik)
  • Forest (path between Tieden and Softlik)
  • Desert (path between Firmshaft or Siz'Calit and Oviasis)

Other Areas:

Areas that do not access other regions. These regions often have stat effects, item drops, and optional events:

  • Beach (accessible from Siz'Calit)
  • Dairy Farm (accessible from Softlik)
  • Lake (accessible from Tieden)
  • Old Cave (accessible from Firmshaft)
  • Den (accessible from Oviasis, once certain requirements are met)
  • Valley (accessible after searching the Jungle during a certain time of day.)