The Lake is an area that can be explored. It is accessible from Tieden. There are currently three events (as of 0.92t) in the Lake, with one NPC.


  • Old Lupan
    • You meet an old Lupan male with a Lizan tail, fishing at the lake. While talking to you he mentions that he is running low on the Lizan eggs which he uses as bait. If character has five Lizan eggs in his possession, an option will be present for character to hand over eggs and receive Strong Pheromone recipe; otherwise nothing happens. Once the Strong Pheromone recipe is received, this event is no longer encountered.
  • Wet Cloth
  • Soft Singing
    • You hear some soft singing that elates your body and mind. You gain +1 to Strength and +2 to Mentality, and reduce Libido by -1.


  • Wet Cloth: Increases lust by a random amount. One use. Value of 5 coins.