Accessible from Tieden and Siz'Calit, there are ? known results for exploring the Jungle:

Name Type Description
Path Path Leads between Tieden and Siz'Calit
Pussy Fruit Item You stumble onto a suggestive fruit!
Milk Creeper NPC She likes the boobies!
Lone Wolf NPC A lonely male Lupan is desperate for a good time!


After a few hours of being lost and randomly wandering through the massive amount of vegetation, you come across a path. Would you like to follow it?

Pussy Fruit

Within the jungle, you come across a rather tender looking tree. Fruits of a rather… vulgar shape hang from its branches. You pluck one and take it back with you.

Milk Creeper

See also Milk Creeper

If you are not well-endowed…

You hear ominous swishing through the trees around you…
Peach-colored tentacles lash out at you from the tree-branches above, catching you by surprise. They flail around your chest, feeling about and scratching it roughly.
However, the tentacles seem to be uninterested and disappear as quick as they came, leaving you with a rather hurtful chest and wasted time.

  • Health -6

Lone Wolf

Walking through the forest, you begin to hear footsteps mix with your own… As you pause to listen in, a creature jumps out before you! A lone wolf, it growls, ready to attack. And judging by the red rod that bobs beneath its belly, it's probably male, and probably frustrated after some failed encounter with a female…

  • Health: Unknown (~50)
  • Gender: Male
  • Rewards:
    • SexP: 20
    • Item: Wolf Fur (worth 15 coins)

Entice / Rape / Submit


The Lone Wolf is very strong and can beat most beginning characters with brute strength alone. He does also have a lust-inducing attack.

  • Scratch: The lone wolf rushes at you, scratching you with its claws.