Jamie Is a small Equan Male who has a unique problem due to his small stature and naturally large genitalia. Due to this problem Jamie has self-confidence issues because it has led to him being teased by the boys and the girls being getting scared around him.
(but of course his encounter isn't fully written in the game anyways :P)

First Encounter
During the first encounter you catch Jamie in the alley trying to hide his problem by dressing as a girl the player is given several choices on how to proceed.

  • Handjob
  • Blowjob
  • Leave

Second Encounter
During the second encounter you are approached by Jamie who explaines his problem in a bit detail as to why he tried to dress as a girl. the player is given several options too choose from.

*Can i see it?
-This leads to another menu.
-This removes the encounter.
*Let's play
-This leads to a scene.
*I can help
-This leads to another menu.