Gay Wolf

Walking through the jungle, you begin to hear footsteps mix with your own… As you pause to listen in, a creature jumps out before you! A lone wolf, it growls, ready to attack. The red rod that bobs beneath its belly indicate it is male, yet it doesn't carry itself like it would dominate a female. Rather, it looks like it is vicious enough to dominate other males, and maybe only males…

  • Health: 45
  • Gender: Male
  • Rewards:
    • SexP: 20
    • Item: Wolf Fur (worth 15 coins)

Entice / Rape / Submit

Entice and submit only work if the character is Male or Herm. Rape works in all cases.


The Lone Wolf is very strong and can beat most beginning characters with brute strength alone. He does also have a lust-inducing attack.
Damage is based on the character having no sensitivity or level

  • Scratch: The lone wolf rushes at you, scratching you with its claws.
    • Health: -11~27
  • Bite: The lone wolf leaps at you, taking a large bite with its sharp teeth.
    • Health: -11~23