The forest is an area that can be explored. It is accessible from Tieden.


There are (X) possible outcomes to exploring the Forest:

  • Milk Creeper: Tentacles appear and strike at you for damage.
    • If your breasts are above a minimum size, they will (sometimes?) grow.
    • If you are lactating there is (chance of?) the tentacle monster showing up in a non-damaging encounter.
  • A lone wolf attacks you.
  • A cock snake attacks you.
  • An unusual flower falls from above.


Lone Wolf

Always attacks male characters. Roughly 50 HP. Resists rape attempts from males, but takes light damage and misses a turn. Turned off by males attempting to entice. Drops Wolf Fur upon defeat.

Cock Snake

Invulnerable to rape. Roughly 35 HP. Turned off by males attempting to entice it. Drops Cock Snake Venom (Co-Snak Ven) upon defeat. Has two attacks:

  • Basic attack. Deals damage.
  • Cock Snake Venom. Increases lust. Also increases your cock/clit's size by one inch.
    • Chance to turn one vagina into a cock.


Wolf Fur

Decreases Sensitivity by -3. One use. Value of 5 coins.

Cock Snake Venom (Co-Snak Ven)

Increases cock/clit size by one inch.