Firmshaft is home to the Equan race. If you hadn't guessed by the name, this location has a lot of beneficial items for male characters.


Signs of civilization come into view. Large tents flutter in the breeze, made from canvas held up by rocks and logs, with a few smaller brick buildings here and there. You can hear the soft clapping of hard feet everywhere, as you spot several large horse-like people walk and dash about.

You have now entered the Equan home-city of Firmshaft!


From here you can Explore the following locations:


Triggered when exploring the city itself vs. the alternate regions.


Prostitution is a useful method of gaining money quickly, and most events are described as a short erotica. Certain situations provide stat bonuses. In Firmshaft, there are ? possible outcomes:

  • Masochist Male equan
  • Female public sex
  • Male Equan blowjob
  • Nervous male sex


As in every town, there are three shops you can visit. These shops are a General Store, a Tailor, and a Salon.


This general store carries the following items:


Looking for a new hairstyle? The salon is the place to go. They are purely aesthetics, however, and do nothing for your stats.
Click for more detail on hair.

  • Wavy - 5 coins
  • Straight - 5 coins
  • Curly - 5 coins
  • Ponytail - 8 coins
  • B Ponytail - 15 coins
  • Buzzcut - 7 coins
  • Mowhawk - 20 coins
  • None - 0 coins


If you need clothes, the tailor is the place to go to. They sell various clothes here.


Auburn Dye - 225 coins
Brown Dye - 90 coins
Grey Dye - 135 coins
White Dye - 300 coins


Handful of Grain - 9 coins
Cock Snake Venom - 45 coins
Trinket - 90 coins
Red Mushroom - 42 coins
Bottle of cum - 21 coins
Recipe Rejuvenation Potion - 75 coins
Recipe Superior Lust Draft - 105 coins
Recipe Superior Masochism Potion - 210 coins