This page references the various aspects of the game that have a broader game influence.


A key element to survival in Nimin involves surviving encounters with the natives. This page features the information necessary to turn those encounters to your favor - or at least improve your chance of running from them!

Masturbation <- click here

One of the more… entertaining features, this page will mostly explore what these actions take into consideration (in case you wanted to see different results). Though it will reference related item usage, information on things like the Milker should end up on their respective pages.

Weight <- click here

As parts of your anatomy grow from your encounters, you will quickly experience the challenge of when they finally become too big to carry. This explores how influence the factors that calculate your max capacity and reassure you that your body parts are considered SEPARATELY, not as a whole (strange as that may sound…).


Factoring into just about everything - from pregnancy to milk production… everything you do causes time to pass. Listing every action and it's time usage would be impractical, so instead this explores what happens when time does pass.

Sleep <- click here

Sleep, or rather the lack of it, can have a number of influences on the player - it can even benefit you to a certain extent! We will also explore what contributes to Exhaustion and what can remove it (besides sleeping).

Pregnancy <- click here

One of the most complex features in the game, this page will eventually explore the factors that go into triggering pregnancy and how to influence them to meet your needs. It will also explore the aftermath and daycare features of the game.

Heat <- click here

An aspect that most people don't encounter unless you've played as a Felin, or become friends with Lila this contributes to lust, pregnancy and other factors.

Hunger <- click here

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