Dust Devil

Walking across the hot sand, you hear wind picking up nearby. Afraid it may be a sandstorm, you begin to rush for cover behind a dune but come to a halt as you spot a column of whirling sand coming towards you. No matter which way you run, the dust devil matches your movements, as though it had a sort of intelligence. Any plants it touches in its path are quickly sucked dry, left as shriveled shrunken husks. A dessicating dust devil, this sentient creature seeks out warm moisture to continue its life, even if it means sucking it from the living. And it seems to have you in its sights.

  • Health: 26
  • Gender: Neuter
  • Rewards:

Entice / Rape / Submit

All seem to fail due to the lack of naughty bits on the enemy. This basically means the only way to end the battle is through damaging the enemy or running.


The Dust Devil has no health-damaging attacks, which means if you don't kill it fast it'll drain you dry!

  • Sand Creep: Attacks breasts, nipples, butt, clit, vulva, testicles, to 'remove moisture' essentially shrinking that portion of your anatomy and healing the dust devil.
    • Some of the devil's sand creeps into your pants and <attacks body part>. However, your <part is so small> that there is hardly any moisture for the sand to take, doing nothing for the devil. (No effect)
    • Some of the devil's sand creeps into your pants and <attacks body part>, soaking up some of the moisture from within and causing it to shrink a little. The sand then returns to the devil, renewing some of windy essence. (Heals Dust Devil by ~2)
    • A funnal of sand shoots out from the devil's form, <attacks body part>, siphoning out a lot of moisture and causing them to shrink dramatically, restoring a good deal of power to the devil's winds. (Heals Dust Devil by ~10)
    • Caution! Repeated exposure to this attack can shrink breasts and other privates to NOTHING, the only exception being vagina depth.
  • Sand Blast - The sentient dust devil overcomes you and whooshes about your body, getting sand all over your fur and into some crevices you'd rather not think of, making you very uncomfortable and wearing away some of your sensitivity.
    • Sensitivity: -1
    • Lust: -5