Drunken Equan

While trudging along the savanna, you hear the stamping of hooves. Drunken song erupts in the air as a large equan man stumbles your way. His pants unbuttoned, his hand hidden within, you can see him groping his large erection. In his other hand he holds a large mug, still filled with alcohol. He smiles as he sees you, and then charges right at you!

  • Health: 60
  • Gender: Male
  • Rewards:
    • SexP: 25
    • Item: Sm Pouch (worth 1 coin)

Entice / Rape / Submit

All work in any case, probably due to the enemy being drunk.


The Drunken Equan one of the tougher enemies and has two damaging attacks, one lust inducing attack, as well as a heal.
Damage is based on the character having no stats or levels

  • Stumble: Stumbling uncontrollably, he plows into you.
    • Health: -14~28
  • Bonk: With a hearty laugh, he bonks you on the head with his mug.
    • Health: -14~25
  • Drink: He lifts his large mug up to his lips, taking a big swig. He burps after downing it, his wounds seemingly less severe than before.
    • Enemy Health: +5~15
  • Adjust Crotch: The drunken equan adjusts the giant bulge in his pants, grunting as a large gob of pre smears across his knee and blotches his pants. While not the most erotic display, whatever he's drinking makes the stuff smell extremely enticing…
    • Lust: +Determined by the character's libido divided by 5.