Divine Egg


A very rare unfertilized lizan egg, eating it will make you closer to a diety of fertility. Described as a golden-shelled glowing egg.


Created when using an Educated Eggdicator with a Lizan Egg in your inventory. You have a 4% chance to gain this item.


You can nearly hear the sounds of an angelic chorus as you crack the divine egg open, its gooey contents slipping down your throat.

Note: This is a consumable item. Using the item will remove it from your inventory.

If you have a cock:

  • Your cock(s) pulse and bulge in your clothes swelling in size. Your balls groan to match the amount of growth, expanding in their confines. You can feel the cum churn within your body, trying to make room for more.

If you have a vagina:

  • Your loins ache as your nether-lips grow between your thighs, your pelvis literally spreading to make more room as your hips press outward. Your ovaries tickle a little as they spill their eggs for easier fertilization. Even your breasts feel heavier, your nipples growing longer for greater mouthfuls.


  • Sells for 69 Coins.