Accessible from Oviasis, Firmshaft, and Siz'Calit, there are 5 known results for exploring the Desert:


% Name Type Description
35 Weather Stat Effect varies depending on time of day.
25-35* Dust Devil Encounter He wants your body! But not in the way you're hoping…
25 Sandstorm Path Leads between Firmshaft or Siz'Calit and Oviasis.
10* Silandrias Encounter You see a strange creature in the desert. See Note
5 Sand Witch Event To eat or not to eat… that is the question!

*Silandrias can only be encountered if exploring from Oviasis. If exploring from another region or if you've already triggered her major event, you instead have +10% chance to encounter the Dust Devil.

Dust Devil

Battle encounter, follow link above for more info.


Complex encounter, follow link above for more info.


While roaming about the desert, a sudden sandstorm kicks up around you, greatly obscuring your view. Maybe you should turn back and head out of the desert before you get lost. Would you like to press on?


Depending on the time of day, the desert will apply effects to you (all negative). However, under certain situations you can resist these effects.

Day (09:00 to 20:00)

The hot sun beating down upon the arid sand is nearly stifling. So much so that you wind up with a touch of heat exhaustion, making you tired and aching.

Ways to resist effects:

Night (21:00 to 08:00)

The desert night with the dry air is bitterly cold.

  • -1 Strength
  • -29% of MaxHP (i.e. at 60 max, you would lose ~17 health)

Ways to resist effects:

  • Items:
  • Anatomy:
    • Skin
      • Fur
    • Breasts
      • w/2 Breasts: Size > 25 (13 inches)
      • w/4+ Breasts: Size > 17 (9 inches)
    • Cock
      • w/1 Cock: Size * SizeMod > 60
      • w/2+ Cocks: Size * SizeMod > 45
    • Pregnancy
      • Late stages of pregnancy (>200)

Sand Witch

It looks so tasty and full of ham, sitting on a plate on the sand in the middle of nowhere. You have no idea who could have possibly left it or if it's even worth tasting, considering who knows how long it has been sitting out in the sun like this… Will you eat it?

  • No:
    • Thinking it best to leave strange meats to themselves, you turn your back to the sandvich and walk away, feeling it taunting you from behind as you leave.
      • No effect
  • Yes:
    • 25% Chance: You take a bit of the sandvich and… urk!
    • 20% Chance: You nibble on the sandvich, the protein so filling. However, your chest quickly begins to feel warm…
    • 20% Chance: You nom the sandvich to death, feeling it make you strong!
    • 20% Chance: You munch on the sandvich, delighting in the flappy meat on your tongue, letting it fill your stomach, so moist and delicious. However, an odd gurgling inside makes you worry…
      • Eating "flappy meat" gives you one more vagina than you have cocks… I wonder how you can fit all that between your legs!
    • 15% Chance: You munch on the sandvich, enjoying its meaty goodness, letting it fill your stomach, so moist and delicious. However, an odd gurgling inside makes you worry…
    • Note: Doing the math, the odds of triggering any specific one of these results is 1% each time you explore the Desert… so if you want 4 breasts… GOOD LUCK!