Dairy Farm

The Dairy Farm is a place to the East of Softlik.


% Name Type Description
55 DairE Pill Item Got Milk? Munch on some of these and you'll be making your own!
25-35* Malon Event A cow-like farm girl has self-esteem issues that need resolution…
10-20* Milk Item You really do have a case of kleptomania, but hey - free milk!

*The chance to encounter Malon increases by 10% if you have a positive relationship with her, this reduces the chance to find free Milk. Also, if her baby is due it will override all other possible events.


A beautiful young woman, with an exceptionally well-endowed figure and long, flowing red hair, she wears a yellow shirt and long purple skirt with a brown apron around her waist and yellow shawl around her shoulders. However, the shawl seems fairly wet and she's careful to drape its ends over breasts larger than watermelons, trying to hide the large blotches on her shirt with it and keeping it at the ready to use at any moment. Her ears are also quite long, hanging perpendicular from her head, nearly 5 inches, and droop a little. Behind her you see a long, narrow tail, tipped with a tuft of long hairs, swish about her calves with each step.

  • Complex encounter, follow link above for more info.

DairE Pill

As you head towards the dairy farm, one of the farmers spots you and walks over to greet you. There are two variations of this encounter - one where he sells you the item, the other when he gives it away free and cautions against personal use.

Purchase (40%)

'Hello! If you want some of our milk, you should head over to Softlik. But if you're here for some of our DairE Pills, the supplement that helps our cows produce so much delicious milk, then look no further, you can buy one from me!

'Would you like to buy one? Only 30 coins!

  • Yes
  • No
    • Nothing

Free Sample (15%)

'Why hello there! You\'re lucky to have passed by here at this time. We're giving away free samples of our dairy enhancement pills for cows, to help drum up some business. We use these to keep our dairy cows in top shape and producing plenty of milk. Give them to your own cows to help make them fine producers as well!

Just… try not to eat them yourself, or you'll end up like Malon over there.

Bottle of Milk

You manage to approach the farm without being seen or stopped by a farmer. You find a bottle of milk that has yet to be shipped out with the rest. Pocketing it before being caught, you head back to Softlik.

Lactating characters with engorged breasts/udder can choose to bypass the milk bottle and use the milker like Malon does.