Cum (Item)

These items can also be produced with a Penis Pump if your Cum Production is high enough.

Note: These are all consumable items. Using the item will remove it from your inventory.

Vial of Cum

Still kinda warm, this vial of goop will arouse you slightly when imbibed, plus heal a bit.


You pop open the vial of cum and let it ooze down your throat, shivering a bit from the heady taste.


  • Sells for 2 Coins.
  • Stacks up to 15 per slot.

Bottle of Cum

A bottle of warm cum that will arouse you and heal you slightly when imbibed. If you can get it all down.


You gulp down the thick, creamy, sticky cum, having difficulty getting down the large amount of hot spunk with it's heady taste.


  • Sells for 7 Coins.
  • Stacks up to 10 per slot.

Jug of Cum

A jug full of hot cum, this is mostly meant to be used for easy handling by the merchants that might be able to find a use for it. However, if you use it, you will gain 3 Bottles of Cum instantly.


You pour the jug of cum out into 3 bottles…

  • You get 3 Bottles of Cum


  • Sells for 25 Coins.
  • Stacks up to 5 per slot.

Barrel of Cum

There's… not really muh you can do with a barrel full of hot cum. The merchants will still buy it, but at a very low price, since there's not much they can do with it either… This item cannot be used in battle.


Without much of a use for it otherwise, you decide to… strip down naked and jump in!