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Insectile Race

Hometown: Sanctuary?

Sexes Available: All

Unique Traits:

Cannot start as this race.
To become a full bug, nectar candy must be repeatedly consumed. They can be purchased from the shop in Sanctuary.
Skin/fur changes to chitin.
Ears become long and wide, resembling butterfly wings.


Gains an ovipositor capable of laying bug eggs.
The ovipositor can incubate bug eggs to create different types: Worker, Soldier, Drone, or Queen eggs.

Notable Bugs:


Your face flattens and your nose shrinks a bit, a chitinous 'bandage' forming over the bridge of your nose to protect it. Your eyes grow much larger compared to the rest of your face, almost alien but still able to show plenty of emotion.
An odd sensation of warmth fills your womb. You can literally feel your eggs stir within, preparing themselves to cycle much more frequently, growing soft shells to protect them, whenever you're not pregnant.
You feel a tickle upon your backside as your pants feels tight. With a groan, the pressure builds behind you, until a tearing sound fills the air and the pain is gone. Checking your backside, you see a new wide bulbous tail bobbing above your <description> bum. Next time you go to town, you'll be visiting a tailor to fix your clothes to account for your new appendage…
Your ears twitch as they grow long and narrow to a point on the sides of your head, becoming a vibrant color while the lobes become wavy with a delicate design, looking almost like butterfly wings.
Your lower chest and belly, close beneath your nipples, begin to tickle. A new pair of sensitive areolas form amongst your skin, creating an extra row of breasts beneath the originals. The process repeats three more times, for a total of 10 breasts from your chest to your just above your crotch! And they're all slightly smaller than your original pair.
Your lips grow large and plush, looking like they could suck nectar out of even the largest flowers. Your eyes also turn completely black, and with their large size they give you a rather bug-like appearance.
Your <description> hips twitch as your cock begins to feel strange. You open your pants to see what is happening, only to see your cock hanging out from your body, with four fleshy spikes pointing back towards you from the rim of the glans, not hard enough to hurt but enough to definitely get a grip inside tender walls. The underside is also adorned with extra grip, a ridge following down the middle with many bumps along its length. You're not really sure what it is, but some bugs do have rather… 'wild' penises that could come close.
Your skin begins to feel stiff, as though it were getting harder. Before you know it, your whole body is covered with a layer of chitin, almost like full suit of segmented armor. However, unlike armor, this doesn't really afford you any protection, since you seem to have all the usual sensations through it like any other kind of skin. And more of the chitin extends from your heels, making you stand higher without actually being taller as you walk more on your toes.
Your nipples sink into your breasts, becoming inverted slits within your areola, only coming out when aroused.

Final Description: You look much like a <sex> bug, your face somewhat flat with a chitinous bandage over the bridge of your nose and large nectar-sucking lips that offset your large darkened eyes, and a wide bulbous tail swishing upon your backside. Hugging the sides of your head, you have long pointy ears with wavy-shaped lobes, colored vibrantly like the wings of a butterfly. Chitin extends further past your heels, making you stand higher and balancing more on your toes.