Breeder Potion


This potion is normally used by animal breeders to increase the litter sizes of their animals and make their animals more frequently fertily [sic] receptive.


  • Received as a gift from a pregnant fox-like woman.
    • She can be met while exploring Tieden during the day, while you are heavily pregnant.
    • If you agree to let her touch your gravid belly, and then agree to an intimate 'belly massage', a sex scene is triggered, and she will give you the potion in payment at the end.


You gulp down the potion yourself, rather than giving it to some animal that it was intended for. Your womb immediately begins to warm up a little, your ovaries 'feeling' like they're working harder. It's strange to describe, but your body quickly adapts and the warmth settles down. Whereas your loins seem to feel flushed. Not exactly going into heat just from the potion, but more feeling like they will do so more readily now…

Note: This is a consumable item. Using the item will remove it from your inventory.

  • +3% Extra Baby Chance Modifier


  • Sells for 25 coins.