Relevant to this article are the other non-sexual parts of your character's anatomy:

Height Skin Hair Face Ears Hips Butt Tail


As the character generation text states so clearly - gender is entirely a function of what you have between your legs.
Neuter: You have neither a vagina nor a cock
Male: You have a cock, but no vagina.
Female: You have a vagina, but no cock
Herm: You have both a vagina AND a cock!

Note: Having a large clit will not change your gender (i.e. due to a cock snake).

Body Shape

How your body is described is a function of your Gender, Body Score, Hips, Butt and Breast Size (in that order).

Description Body Score Other Requirements
Childish 5-11
Boyish 12-17
Femme-boyish 12-17 Hips 3+
Shemale 12-17 Hips 4+ AND Breasts 5+
Manly 17-25
Musclebound 26+
Childish 5-10
Girly 10-14
Womanly 15-20
Voluptuous 15-20 Hips 5+ OR Butt 5+ OR Breast Size 5+
Musclebound 21+
Childish 5-11
Masculine 12-23
Feminine 12-23 Hips 3+ AND Breast Size 3+
Musclebound 24+
Childish 5-11
Teenage 12-15
Fully grown 16-23
Musclebound 24+

Body Score

Your body score is primarily influenced by the selection you made when first creating your character. There actually isn't all that much you can do to influence it later, besides using the Body Builder Perk. This number is also used in determining how much weight you can handle during pregnancy and when you have particularly large privates.

Note: The minimum possible value for Body Score is 5. This tells me we will eventually have more things that influence this value.

Initial Values

The initial values are determined by your choices when creating a character. Below are the options you have when creating a character and the associated Body Score.

Option BScore Male Female Herm
Bodybuilder 29 X X X
Average* 20 X
Masculine 19 X
Voluptuous 16 X
Femme Boy 15 X
Feminine 14 X
Average* 13 X
Child 7 X X X

Note: The amount associated with "Average" for males and females is different, thus the second entry.

Body Build Perk

Every 2nd point contributed to the Body Build Perk adds 2 points to your character's Body Score.