The beach is an explorable Location, only accessable from Siz'Calit.


Walk on the Beach

You feel calm.

  • Libido -1

Something Odd

You obtain a Cock Carv.

Something Shiny

You obtain a Trinket.

Something Spiky

You step on an urchin.

  • ~0-10 Damage


Lizan Couple

A pregnant looking Lizan woman suns herself on the beach. And asks if you could give her a hand.

Pink Octopus

Attacks Description
Pink Milk Lust +



Just as you're about to pass out, you see the octopus girl lean over your body. She wears a disappointed expression, finding you were't strong enough for what she was looking for. Shrugging, she jumps back into the ocean, leaving you to yourself.
You pass out from all the pain. When you wake back up, you manage to stumble back to town. However, it seems as though your pockets are a bit lighter for some reason or another.


Should you submit yourself to her, she will rape you and if you have a vagina impregnate you with her eggs. The Pregnancy will cause you to lactate. After you have given bith, you keep an Egg Jelly.