This page will break down the descriptive elements of the character and link to pages that can help you change or modify these features to meet your needs.

Character Description

These are the factors that go into the description when you click "Appearance" in the game.

You began your journey as a Race.

Height, you wield Hips and a Butt on an overall Body. Hair, you look much like a Race.
Face and a Tail. Ears. Deer antlers. Wolf claws. Horse hoves. Deer butt.

You are currently wearing Clothing covering your Skin. Pregnancy

Upon your chest heaves Breasts, with Nipples. Lactation.
Just below your belly hangs Udder with Teats. Lactation.

Above your groin rests Cock(s). Moisture.

Beneath your cock rests Balls. Blue Balls.

Between your legs nestles Vagina, Vulva. Clit. Moisture. Heat.

In-depth Pages

For the purpose of organizing the elements of appearance, we've broken the appearance into the following factors:

Races <- click here

Equan Felin Human Lizan Lupan Cow Rabbit Pig Mouse Bird Skunk Bug

Body <- click here

Height Skin Hair Face Ears Hips Butt Tail

Privates <- click here

Cock Balls Vagina Vulva Clit Breasts Nipples Udder Teats

Fluids <- click here

Cum Milk Moisture