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A factor in determining which race your character is, as well as your appearance and bonuses - this is the measure of your blood. The default level for starting characters is 50, but this value can go as high as 100 and the total of the combined racial influence does not need to equal 100. This means you could be at full affinity for multiple races and partake in the associated bonuses/influences.

Bird Affinity

* +2 Bonus Coin Gain
* Start laying eggs.

Skunk Affinity

* +10 Enticement mod
* Two more breast pairs
* Skunk legs
* -10 Carry Mod
* +10% run chance

Mouse Affinity

* Shrinks waist
* +3 Semen mult
* +25% run chance

Rabbit Affinity

* Increase pregnancy time rate by 1.

Cow Affinity

Considering the many references to cow affinity, I hope to fill in this area shortly now that the milk page is complete.