Latest Version for Nimin Fetish Fantasies is v0.975o - released on January 31, 2014.


The maker of this wiki, sabata_darkness, ran into a problem a while back. His female human character grew a penis due to continuous encounters with Cock Snakes. He went to Tieden to remove the penis, not realizing he also had no vagina. Thanks to the 4chan boards, he was able to get his vagina back.

Afterwards, sabata_darkness decided to compile a list of 'tips & tricks', as he called it. A large conversation went on about it, and one friendly Anon decided to assist sabata_darkness.

The next morning, sabata_darkness checked the board again. Someone had the idea of making a wiki site instead. sabata_darkness decided it was a better idea than what he was going to do, and thus this site was created.

This site is still under construction, but any assistance from any others is welcome. Please feel free to use the menu on the top or the side to make navigating the site easier!

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